Bernina Ultraks Courses in Overview


Run the Bernina Glaciers Marathon for the ultimate kick! The course leads over the spectacular glacier scenery and reveals everything that trail runners could wish for as a unique challenge!
42,2 km
2.600 m
Diavolezza – 3.003 m
06.07. – 07:30 am


Steep, steeper, GoVertical! The vertical leads past the Alp Languard mountain station into the mountain massif of the Livigno Alps and on to Piz Languard at over 3,200 m. You will cover a total of 6.5 km and 1,400 hm to the summit, earning you the incredible view of the Bernina Group.
6,5 km
1.400 m
Piz Languard – 3.200 m
05.07. – 05:00 pm


The Corvatsch Trail is the challenge for all trail lovers among you! Dare to take our Scenic Trail and experience 30.1 km of uninterrupted fantastic scenery coupled with challenging stretches.
30,1 km
1.800 m
Fuorcla Surlej – 2.755 m
06.07. – 08:20 am


You are already a runner, but haven’t run a trail yourself, or you are a beginner and want to try a run for the first time, but still have some time to train? Then our Steinbock Trail is just right for you! Take this as your own personal challenge.
16,3 km
870 m
Chamanna Paradis – 2.525 m
06.07. – 09:30 am


For all kids and trail runners of the future, Bernina Ultraks offers the ultimate kids run! The focus here is on the wonderful routes along the mountain and through the city of Pontresina. All mini trail runners receive a great finisher shirt a gift and a medal at the end of the race.
1,5 km
06.07. – 09:45 am