#4 Bernina Warm-Up

Our special offer for acclimatization in the Engadine.

Prepare your body for the heights of the Engadine mountain world, get to know parts of the Ultraks trails and receive valuable tips from our certified trail coaches.

1 guided tour on parts of the original Bernina Ultraks trails:
Mon, 28.06. BGM 1: Pontresina Boval-Hütte and back (20 km, D+/- 700 m), approx. 4h
Tue, 29.06. BGM 2: Bernina Suot – Pontresina (13 km, D+ 900m, D- 1100 m), approx. 4h
Wed, 30.06. Corvatsch: Pontresina – St. Moritz via Fuorcla Surlej (20 km, D+/- 1100 m), approx. 5h
Tue, 01.07. Steinbock: Pontresina – Pontresina (16 km, D+/- 870 m), approx. 4h

Running analysis and technical training

Tips for the competition

Price: 75 CHF


Mon, 28.06.2021
Tue, 29.06.2021
Wed, 30.06.2021
THU, 01.07.2021

Group Size

4+ participants


Beginners and advanced runners

Required items

Running shoes with profile (trail shoes)
Mobile phone


Running vest with drinks
Poles (can be rented on site)
Headband / cap
Sun cream
Tracking device / tracking app


Stamina and motivation

Trail Coach

Roberto Rivola is Swiss Athletics certified mountainrunning guide with a passion for mountain and desert races.
He has run 10 stage races up to 250 km in different deserts (Sahara, Gobi, Atacama, Namibia) and in rough terrain (Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Iceland).
The Engadine mountains are his home, therefore mountain running competitions up to 170 km are also part of his palmarès, among others Swissalpine, Irontrail, Swisspeaks, etc., mostly with podium finishes in his age group.
Roberto has explored practically every trail in the Engadine valley and can explain the Engadine mountains and give trail running advice in English, German, Italian and French.


9:00 Trail Warm-Up
9:30 Trail run on parts of the Bernina Ultraks Course
12:30 Feedback round

Start Location

Mountain Climber School GoVertical
Via Maistra 163
7504 Pontresina

Parking facilities: car park at Rondo